community engagement

Simply, one of the goals of aiuchi is to make things better. We are a not-for-profit association. Our instructors occasionally get travel expenses (if they are lucky) and teach because we hope that students will get some value out of aiuchi; greater confidence, fitness, meeting life-long friends, or self defence skills. Because of this we believe giving back to our community and society is important. One way in which we do this is our community engagement programme. We will regularly visit local clubs, charities, organisations or associations to deliver short self-defence or self-protection courses, talks or sessions. 

We’ve previously delivered sessions for charities, schools, colleges, student unions, sixth-forms, the Girl Guides, cubs and Scouts. We do not charge for these sessions. 

If you’d like us to visit your club, association, organisation or charity, please contact us. 

after school programme

We’ve worked with a primary school in the past to deliver an after school programme. Unfortunately COVID-19 and constantly changing working patterns has meant that we’ve been unable to run this at the moment. 

All mat fees (after student membership costs) were donated to the school to help it fund those little extra things that help out, for example playground markings or school equipment. We managed to raise several thousand pounds for the school running these sessions.  

None of our instructors are paid for teaching any of our classes so our capacity to run this type of initiative is limited, but if you run a similar organisation in Bedford or Huntingdon - a school or college or other group - we’d be happy to chat with you to see if we could do something similar for you.