session costs

On the door - each session costs £7.

Paying in advance - 

5 sessions for £30 (£25 for juniors, armed forces, and emergency services). 

You can pay in advance for a discounted rate. If you buy a block of sessions like this you can use them whenever you wish, so you will not ‘lose’ the session if you can’t attend. You could use your block to attend once a fortnight, or once a month. This said, the more you train, the quicker you will progress. We give you a card and stamp it when you train; it’s basically a reverse loyalty card.

We take card payments and cash. 

The simplest way is to set up a standing order. This covers all sessions and is the most cost-effective way of paying if you are going to attend most sessions. 


£20 per month for one club

£30 per month for both Huntingdon and Bedford

Juniors (under 18)

£15 per month for one club

£25 per month for both Huntingdon and Bedford

other costs

Aiuchi membership - £20 per year (adult), £15 (junior). 

Aiuchi membership gives you access to all the benefits of aiuchi - our governing body. This includes being able to attend national events and courses, being able to grade, and gives a certain level of insurance cover. Your first four weeks are free and after that membership costs only a couple of pounds per month. 

You can sign up here:

Gis (training outfits): 

£20 - £100 depending on size/quality. You don’t need a gi, you can train in general gym wear, but we’d advise it. We train in plain white gis. You can get one yourself or we can get them for you for £25. These are standard ‘student’ gis that will last you a good few years - ideal for getting started. If you get a gi yourself we’d recommend plain white aikido, judo or jiu jitsu gis. We don’t have patches on our gis. 


£10 - £20, depending on the number of people grading and where it is. Gradings to brown or black belts cost a little more. 

National courses: 

£5 - £30, depending on location and type of course.

kids club

Kids club fees are £15 per half term, per child, capped at £30 per family - providing there are no more than four children in one family training with us. If you have more than that - talk to us and we’ll see what we can do!

Annual membership of aiuchi is £15 per child. 

You can sign up here:

Gis (the training outfit) for children usually cost between £10 and £25, depending on the type, size, quality. 

There are generally no other costs, except for gradings at green belt or above.